“Midwest Archaeological Perspectives” book series and dissertation prize are launched

Author: Eli Bortz

The American Midcontinent, stretching from the Appalachians to the Great Plains, and from the Boreal Forests to the Gulf of Mexico, is home to a rich and deep multiethnic past that continues to fascinate scholars and the public even after 150 years of exploration. Beginning with colonization by the first Native American big game hunters, through the origins of domestic food production and construction of the largest earthen monuments in North America, and ultimately the entry of multiple colonial empires and their varying interactions with native populations, the story of the region is an exciting one of changing cultural and environmental interactions and adaptive strategies.


To explore this region from new and differing vantage points, The Midwest Archaeological Conference, Inc., and the University of Notre Dame Press are pleased to announce the new book series Midwest Archaeological Perspectives. The books published in this series will be the most compelling and current works of archaeological narrative and insight for the region, spanning from the first human use of the region from the Paleoindian cultures to the more recent historical past. The series will explore both old questions tackled from new perspectives, and new and interesting questions arising from the deployment of cutting edge theory and method.


Unique to this series is the MAC, Inc., Dissertation Prize, sponsored by the University of Notre Dame Press and MAC, Inc. The prize winner will be offered a contract with Notre Dame Press, a $500 award, and will work with the editor and editorial board to develop the dissertation into a book manuscript for scholarly publication. Manuscripts outside the prize category will be vetted and considered by both MAC, Inc., and Notre Dame Press.


To be considered for the Prize, or to submit a manuscript proposal for publication consideration, please contact series editor William Lovis (lovis@msu.edu, 571.355.3485), assistant editor Timothy K. Perttula (tkp4747@aol.com, 512.312.0812), or University of Notre Dame Press senior acquisitions editor Eli Bortz (ebortz@nd.edu, 574.631.4912).