Notre Dame Press Launches Student Discount Program

Author: Notre Dame Press News

Student Discount ProgramStudent Discount Program

Graduate and undergraduate education is an investment that usually requires some financial sacrifice along the way. Even students with generous funding often find that some expenses are not covered like housing, textbooks, and other materials. At the University of Notre Dame Press we understand the financial constraints that students are under, and on May 15, 2020, we will begin offering a Student Discount Program. All current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any university or college are eligible to sign up here.

Students receive a personal code when they first join the program. After that, program members will regularly receive promotional codes for discounts up to 40% off the list price of any Notre Dame Press print or ebook purchased on our website. The emails will also include pertinent information from the publishing professionals at Notre Dame Press for scholars who are starting their careers. Some of these features include:

• tips on publishing with an academic press

• access to special sales and discounts

• highlights on new and exciting books

• links to blog posts and other book-related features

Notre Dame Press believes in the power of research to advance knowledge and impact lives, and of our books to connect scholars, experts, students, and readers in order to encourage intellectual exploration and enrich conversations. Through the Student Discount Program, we will expand our reach by making books more affordable and accessible for students at the University of Notre Dame and around the world.

For more information, contact: Michelle Sybert, Sales and Development Director,